A Road Graders Role In Construction

Road graders are machines used in road construction. It is typically employed to create flat surfaces on different terrains. It uses long blades to even out surfaces by procedural scraping. The usual road grader models employ three axles with the 3rd axle situated at the front of the vehicle and the blade located in the center. Some models are equipped with dual front blades too. The Road Grader machines are also referred to as motor grader or a maintainer. Road graders are also referred to as “blade” by some.

Looking At Road Graders

  • The Road grader is more of a finishing machine and the basic leveling is performed using very heavy grade engineering equipment like bulldozers and scrapers.
  • The graders job is to precisely refine, finish and level terrains.
  • Road Graders or Motor graders are also fully capable of chiseling and producing inclined surfaces.
  • They can also produce cambered cross sections.
  • Road Graders are also employed to scrape and chisel drainage ditches with V shaped shallow cross sections on both sides of highway roads.

What Road Graders Are Used For

  • A Road grader is commonly utilized in the maintenance and construction of gravel roads and dirt roads.
  • They are also used in the construction of paved roads where-in they are employed to harness and prepare the base course that will serve as a flat and wide surface for the placement of asphalt.
  • Sometimes Road graders are also employed to set, refine and finish native soil foundation pads before constructing large buildings.

Graders Used For Residential And Municipal Localities

In some places of Canada, Northern Europe and US, graders are often employed in residential and municipal localities to facilitate snow removal. In grassland and scrubland areas of Africa and Australia, graders are an essential piece of equipment on large farms, ranches and plantations where they are used to make dirt tracks.

The Functioning Of Graders

Let’s take a brief gander on the functioning of graders. Grader operation is simple, but there is also a method to it.

  • Typically graders work by lowering the road grader blades to the height of the estimated grade.
  • It pushes the asphalt or dirt that is higher than the set grade.
  • The blade of the grader is mounted at an angle and this allows the dirt to fall away.
  • The grader will have to make several passes to level the terrain.

When they are used to clear snow, the blade of the grader is set a bit higher than the road surface so as to avoid damaging roads that are beneath the snow.

Graders And Their Advancements

Over the years there have been significant advancements and innovations in Grader technology and attachments. Graders these days employ stake-less construction and come factory fitted with top class blades and GPS technology. Trimble Navigation, Topcon Positioning system, Mikrofyn, Geosystems and Leica manufacture top class GPS equipments for precision Grade control.

Some graders are also used in underground mining. Blade widths come in various sizes with capacities ranging from 2.5m to 7.5m blade width and engines ranging from 95-375KW or 120-500hp.

Some of the top manufacturers of Road Graders are